Micro Medical Injection Molded Components, manufactured by Microsystems, UK2017-12-12T19:01:01+00:00

Micro Medical
Injection Molded Components

Micro catheter tip, medical component manufactured by Microsystems

Micro catheter tip

The 1.5 mm x 3 mm diameter tip is molded onto a thin wall tube. The tubes are placed into the micro molding machine automatically during each cycle by utilizing the rotary platen on the ejector side of the mold. The tip is moulded on the end of the tube through a gate diameter of 70 microns.

Bioresorbable staple, micro medical part manufactured by Microsystems

Bioresorbable staple

Micro medical staples of various geometries, can be molded in bioresorbable materials with our specialised micro molding equipment.

Dental surgery device for root canal treatment manufactured by Microsystems

Dental surgery device for root canal treatment

Micro molding has been used in the manufacture of these medical devices for high aspect ratio dental surgery. An x-ray opaque material has been used in the molding process and a tip diameter of 0.18 mm has been achieved.

Micro connectors manufactured by Microsystems

Micro connectors

Precision insert micro injection molding has been used in the design and manufacture of these micro electrical connectors. Each plastic connector has holes measuring 0.2 mm in diameter.

Microfluidic component manufactured by Microsystems

Microfluidic component

Our knowledge and experience in both micro and nano technology have been utilised to produce this single molded part. It is overmolded with a TPE grip handle and protected with a cover plate which is molded and assembled within the micro molding machine. The microfluidic component incorporates 100 micron micro channels, together with integrated optics with a surface finish of 20Nm Ra. It demonstrates how a ‘nanostructure’ within a customer’s logo can create a hologram when a laser pen is used to view it, an ‘anti-counterfeiting’ feature.