Micro Mold Design & Manufacture

Microsystems temperature controlled clean manufacturing area is equipped with the latest machines used for micro machining and mold manufacture.

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micro-mould with sliders attached
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micro-machining, cleanroom, microsystems
micro EDM machine, microsystems

Micro EDM Electro Discharge Machining

Our micro EDM machine has enabled us to offer services usually only available in research facilities.

It is capable of eroding extremely small three dimensional features and holes as small as 50 microns (0.002”) directly into hardened steel.

Micro Milling, Kern Pyramid Nano Machine, Microsystems UK

KERN Pyramid Nano 5-Axis Micro Milling

The positional accuracy of the ultra precision 5-axis micro Kern milling machine is 0.0005 mm (0.00002”). With a spindle speed of 55000 RPM, it is possible to machine fully hardened steel using cutters as small as 50 microns in diameter (0.002”).

Micro WEDM Wire Electro Discharge Machining

Microsystems is the first in the UK to take delivery of this latest generation WEDM machine.